Four Tips to Promote Your Business With Vine

If a picture says a thousand words, then Vine, the mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos, has the potential to say even more. Here are four tips to help promote your business with Vine.

Visual simplicity

Keep-it-simple strategies should be employed when using Vine. Simple concepts and graphical elements work best with reaching out to your audience. Because Vine videos are only six seconds long, it is important to avoid pushing an intricate concept into that short amount of time.

Integrate customers

Using Vine to integrate customers is a great way to form an online community and generate activity. Posting a DIY video enables customers to interact with your business, creating a personal bond. Another way to integrate customers is to include them in promotional events. You could create a video contest where customers can describe your business in six short seconds. Giving them the challenge of showcasing your business in six seconds is exciting and fun. Seeing how your customers visually describe your company will also provide important customer feedback.  It may even provide insightful information such as: how do your customers see your company? Does it reflect your company ideals? Lastly, thank your customers! Businesses and customers work as reciprocals. Keep them linked together by integrating them into your company, while thanking them for their interest.

Niche Market

Humanize your brand to create brand loyalty and keep customers interested. Tell a story about where you work, who you work with, and why your company is extraordinary.
The old saying “actions speak louder than words” applies here. Reach out to your customer base by storytelling and communicating what happens behind the scenes. The intimate look into your company will excite customers as well as keep them coming back to check on what new stories you have posted. Furthermore, when posting your videos, it is vital to make them authentic, quirky and innovative. People don’t have to look at your videos, but give them a reason to!

Easy Discovery

In order to be discovered, you need to give your business the opportunity to be found. Just like Instagram and Twitter, Vine incorporates an explore portion in the app. You can use a tagline that shows you a list of videos with have a similar tag. Besides an explore option, you can also search different videos. It is vital to include a relevant tag to your video so that people can discover it by searching keywords that are included in your Vine title or tag.

If you are not on Vine and want to create an account, here is how you can jump on the bandwagon:

1. Download the Vine app and connect your company’s Twitter account with it.
2. Once connected,  sign-in to the company’s Twitter account.
3. Sign-in to your Vine account, then go to the Vine home page.
4. Click the video icon and record.
5. Once recorded, you may publish the clip to both Twitter and Vine accounts.