Website Rebranding – taking the right steps.

Rebranding your E-commerce Website 

Website rebranding: When you’re ready to rebrand your e-commerce website, take the time to prepare and be sure the new message fits your brand culture and matches what you promise to deliver to your customer.

When is the Right Time to Rebrand?

For an online business that has established a reputable brand and a clear identity, why would it ever consider the idea of rebranding? The best reasons for rebranding are to increase competitive advantage, drive new business, reflect company growth and/or expansion of products/services as well as new company name or change in ownership. A decision to rebrand an e-commerce website may occur when a platform update includes new software features such as an improved checkout system or product display panel. One thing to remember for any rebranding exercise is to ask if a change in identity is right for the culture of the company and will the customer will respond positively. Remember a company’s brand is how people (customers, employees, partners, shareholders and the public) feel about its products and services. It’s not about a logo or a color scheme – it’s about how customers interact with the company and how the products or services match-up to what’s promised.

Moving forward with a Relaunch

For the e-marketer, any rebranding effort should be a part of a well planned marketing plan that focuses on increasing conversions – and this effort should focus on the customer. In other words, you should include an explanation or ‘welcome message’ on the home page for visitors is a good recommendation to follow – then each page on the website should be rebranded throughout. The message should be about serving the customer by offering better options with product bundles and pricing options as well as improved navigation and ease of use. Check all the headers and footers and also make sure all the contact information up to date.

Publicize your Relaunch

A website rebranding is an excellent PR opportunity to attract new customers and a way to encourage existing customers to come back form more.  With new features and a new approach – you have the opportunity to focus on new products or services. A rebrand is a great way to reconnect with your users. And if you’re proud of your rebrand, you’re probably already inclined to share the good news across all of your spaces: social media, e-mail and press releases that will publicize your new website.  To take it to the next level, design a campaign around the launch that will excite users and demonstrate why it benefits them.  Don’t forget to ask your viewers for their feedback and to share on social media or sign up for your newsletter. Rewards are also a great way to incentivize your customer and will entice them to become loyal followers.

Don’t forget the Redirect

Remember, anytime a new website (or a rebranded website) is moving to a new CMS platform, make sure (if possible)  to keep the domain name. If a change in domain absolutely cannot be avoided, have a redirection plan in place to keep traffic loss at a minimum. Check and double check all of the links, redirects, content, and functional bits. Make sure that 301 redirects are set BEFORE a move is made to a new domain. This will keep inbound links from landing in nowhereland and you from losing SEO credibility.

A few more tips to remember before you relaunch:

Make sure everything works on all the major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 7+

Is your site functioning well on all mobile devices?

Review page titles and meta-descriptions to make sure they are correct, informative, and engaging.

Install a favicon (little icon near the address bar and on the bookmarks list) for web browsers Include an icon for mobile browsers in case someone bookmarks your site on their iPhone

Install Google Analytics and make sure it is actively tracking the success of your new site.