5 Steps to Improve Your Logo Design Process (before even touching your sketch pad)

Designing a logo isn’t the same as ordering something off of a brunch menu. You’ll never hear your client say, “I’d like a classic combo mark with organic lines, a rounded, friendly typeface, and an unexpected negative-space-twist on the side.” What you’ll hear is, “I don’t know what I want, but I’ll know it when… Read more

10 Simple Ways to Boost Abandoned Cart Revenue

So, you’ve recently launched your online store, you’re getting rave reviews from bloggers, and are giddy watching the number of unique visitors grow. Life is good until you realize that the majority of those customers have abandoned cart issues. They are not completing that final necessary transaction which happens to be your livelihood. In fact,… Read more

7 Quick Homepage Tips for Outdoor Enthusiasts

While meandering around the web, I came across BuzzFeed’s article, “31 Amazing Online Stores You’ve Never Heard Of.” Sweet. I love amazing online stores. That’s when I found Alite. They specialize in awesome outdoor gear like backpacks and camping chairs, and Alite stands behind everything they make with a lifetime guarantee. Sure, you can buy… Read more