Keywords for websites and blogs are essential to be seen in a universe with over 644 million active websites. That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns using keywords selection is vital to the ongoing success of a new website. But how does one choose the best keywords that potential customers are using? Choosing The Best Keywords […]

Writing blogs can either be a passion or a chore depending on your business and what you are trying to achieve. The goal is to gain viewers and attract commentators to your blog. By engaging the audience with questions that entice them to respond will add SEO to your website. Maybe you are taking part […]

Millennials. The most technologically-wired, ethnically diverse, coveted demographic of marketers. Truth be told, they are also the hardest generation to reach. We are not saying it is impossible but you will have to put more time and effort to reach and convert a Millennial. Read: Know Your Demographic: Millennials vs Boomers Here are 3 tips […]

The Importance of the Creative Brief Some people may call it a project brief while others label it an experience brief, but whatever the name may be, the document known as a Creative Brief is what smart advertising agencies use to distill the essence of a brand, an ad campaign, a website or just a […]

Email marketing may seem like it is outdated, however the statistics show that it still works. What has changed is the way marketing campaigns are communicated and  analyzed so as to measure the true impact and to seek ways to improve. A thorough analysis must review goals, objectives, budget and a gauge that will measure […]

Facebook is a platform where conversations take place with customers and it is also a great venue for placing call-to-action reminders.   Many brands forget to have calls to action that encourage fans to respond to the content published. Using action calls you will get your fans to engage and interact with you, hence increasing […]

Vine is an app that lets you capture and share short, 6-second, videos which play on a loop. And this is precisely what makes Vine a great tool for marketers: it helps to leverage creative video content while capitalizing on customers’ short attention spans. Reactions to this new app have ranged from good to not so good. […]

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that as years go by marketers have to find new ways to market to the new generations. What might have worked for the Boomerang Generation will not necessarily work for the Millennial Generation. Before marketers start brainstorming on better ways to reach their demographic we must begin by pin […]

Blogs are still an important part of communicating your message as a thought leader and as an expert in your field. But with so many blogs online it is becoming much more difficult to get noticed. To get your blog noticed you will have to be committed to doing a blog over a long period of time. […]

Optimization is Key to Website Growth Optimizing a e-commerce websites  is about creating relevant content and implementing good design. If a website is not fully optimized for search results, then sales opportunities are lost. Two of the most common issues involve the improper coding of pages and failing to create searchable content. 10 ways to boost your website […]