How to get started with reviews and giveaways

So, you want to start reviewing and hosting giveaways, huh? You are not alone! Almost everywhere you go in the blogosphere you will encounter reviews and giveaways. But, how exactly could you start doing so too? Lets start by (assuming you already have a blog) opening a Twitter account. If you already do, kudos! If… Read more


Removing P Tags in WordPress

By default, WordPress will automatically inserts p tags throughout your content. This can seriously screw up the layout/design and cause validation issues. There are a couple of ways to fix this, depending on your technical expertise and where you would like to prevent this from taking place. Here are three options: Throughout entire site On specific… Read more


5 Methods of tracking ROI from Social Media Marketing

Since Social Media Marketing came about, there has been a lot of discussion of how to track ROI. Many companies have chosen not to participate in this very dynamic marketing channel due to what some see as an inability to track this very allusive beast. Most “social media experts” will tell you that you should… Read more

eCommerce Resources

New Website & Blog

With the upgrade to a new website you will also find a new blog beginning to take life. With a desire to increase knowledge and educate those interested our guests will have an opportunity to share in information centered around internet marketing and building a business on the world wide web. If you choose to… Read more


The Open Directory Project -Submitting To DMOZ

If you are going to submit your site to the DMOZ directory (Open Directory Project), it will require studying the DMOZ rules on how and where to submit your site. When I say study, I mean …STUDY. This is no exaggeration! Sure the DMOZ dragon (Their Logo) looks cute, but he packs a bite. So… Read more