The Ecommerce Forum: 7 ways to Increase Customer Engagement
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7 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement

Successful ecommerce sites all have one thing in common: they know their customers.  Understanding your customers wants, lifecycle, using social media, UGC marketing platforms, and automated inbound marketing tools are great ways to successfully engage your customers. One of our clients, NW Explorations, knows their customers in and out. Because of this, we’ve been able… Read more

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4 Quick and Easy Ways to Write Copy that Converts

Most of us, at some point or another, have taken an English class. But just because you can locate a dangling modifier (which is, actually, pretty impressive), doesn’t mean you know how to be a marketing copywriter. In fact, no matter how awesome your grammar is or how wide your vocabulary, one terrifying truth remains:… Read more

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The #1 Thing Your Homepage Is Missing

The significance of an optimized homepage can’t be overstated—this is the one page that will make or break whether customers engage with your site or leave it in search of something more exciting . . . like cat videos. One of the first steps you should take to improve your homepage is to optimize the CTA. But… Read more