Next Level Training

Our conversion rate optimization strategy resulted in a 1,102% increase in conversions in just four weeks.

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Custom Product Photography

Next Level Training offered a unique product, but their photography fell flat. To better showcase their product’s purpose and benefits, we shot an entire line of new product images and action shots. These photos made it clear what the product was and how consumers could use it: to train. They made the site look more professional and provided a human element to the brand. These new photos also gave the brand a huge arsenal of imagery to use for social media, print campaigns, ads, and more.

Keyboard Navigation Project

Cross-Channel Strategy

In order to increase sales, we narrowed down NLT’s market to two specific audiences: concealed weapons permit holders and preppers. To effectively target each audience, we launched two separate landing pages with different messaging and imagery. One page was sleek and clean with a white background and list of benefits up top; the other version was more rugged and aggressive, with a black background and different imagery and benefits. Both offered a clear and easy way to make a purchase. To boost traffic to each page we launched a cross-channel strategy through email marketing, social media, print campaigns, and blogger outreach.

Conversion Rate Optimization

To ensure we were getting maximum conversions on the new landing pages, we launched a conversion rate optimization strategy aimed at increasing sales. We tested a new page element every week: from having an auto-play video on the page, to changing the button location, to switching up the messaging, we continuously refined the page to ensure NLT saw maximum conversions. After just four weeks of testing, the conversion rate jumped from 0.43% to 5.17%—a 1,102% increase. After 60 days of promoting the landing pages and refining their design and messaging, the company saw a whopping 483% increase in ROI.

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Web Design and Development

Based on our landing page research and optimization strategy, we created a custom ecommerce store with engaging product photography, seamless navigation, benefit-first copy, and a simple purchase process.

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