NW Explorations

Web design and development, email marketing campaign, custom ecommerce store, and apparel design.

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Email Marketing

We revamped NW Explorations entire email strategy--designing a new template, moving them to a more analytics-driven platform, and creating a content strategy specifically catered to their target audience. They now have an average email open rate of 33%--that’s more than twice the industry average for travel and leisure companies. Likewise, their average click-through rate (CTR) is 4.3%--that’s more than triple the industry average.

Web Design and Copywriting

NW Explorations offers an incredible experience: the chance to charter a private, luxury yacht around the Pacific Northwest. Despite offering such an awesome opportunity, charter sales were down. To fix this, we created targeted landing pages focused on increasing sales for individual trips. We crafted a web design and copywriting strategy that takes landing page visitors through a clear narrative: one that explores the emotional and rational benefits of the trip, offers social proof and credibility, answers they’re most pressing questions, and above all: converts.

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In order to increase ecommerce sales and create a seamless user-experience, we installed video tracking and heat-mapping software on NW Explorations old website. From this data, we were able to reveal the website’s hidden pain points, obstacles, and most popular content. We took this data and crafted a custom user experience that makes searching, purchasing, and navigating the site easier than ever.

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Apparel Design

To help build brand awareness and loyalty, we designed custom t-shirts for Alaska flotilla passengers. This helps take the brand’s digital marketing efforts into the physical world--allowing NW Explorations to grow as a brand both online and offline.

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