Papa Murphy's

A Red Rokk client since 2012.

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Flavors of Summer Campaign

To kick-off Papa Murphy’s Flavors of Summer Campaign, we designed, coded, and wrote a custom landing page that featured playful copy, bright summer colors, and clear calls to action--all while staying within the brand’s guidelines. We also integrated custom social media functionality into the page, making it simple for visitors to share the campaign and engage with the brand.

Optimized Email Pop-Ups

Papa Murphy’s wanted to increase email signups on their website. Our hypothesis was by testing a variety of email pop-up colors, content, and imagery, we could significantly increase email subscribers, without increasing the website’s bounce rate. To execute our tests, we used the Optimizely platform, and over a series of months, were able to significantly increase email subscribers, allowing the brand to better reach their core audience.

Keyboard Navigation Project

Underground Menu Landing Page

Papa Murphy’s wanted to create a “secret” menu that featured custom pizza creations. To build hype and increase sales for these pizzas, we designed and developed a custom landing page--for both desktop and mobile--that featured the new menu, along with clear calls to action that encouraged visitors to order their pizzas now.

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Deals and Thank You Page Optimization

Following an email pop-up optimization campaign, we wanted to improve the next step in the process by optimizing the sign-up page. We took an outdated and uncompelling page, and gave it a vibrant, modern look with a simple form and benefit-first copy. After optimizing this page, we took the email sign-up process one step further by creating a new “Thank You” page that appeared once visitors had successfully subscribed, and encouraged people to follow Papa Murphy’s on social media. This entire optimization process allowed Papa Murphy’s to increase their email subscribers and social media followers, and gave visitors a simple user experience.

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