Pimp My Keyboard

A Red Rokk client since 2012.

Keyboard Navigation Project

Custom Product Photography

Pimp My Keyboard was an entirely new brand that offered a new product: mechanical keyboard keycaps. To showcase their new product line and build a conversion-centric website, we shot an entire line of product images that allowed PMK customers to see the product from every angle.

Keyboard Navigation Project

Brand Identity

We helped Signature Plastics--Pimp My Keyboard’s parent company--launch their first-ever consumer and ecommerce brand. To do this, we created an entire brand identity catered toward their new target audience: young, male, online gamers. We handled everything: the name, logo, color palette, and typography, and helped create a modern brand identity that appealed to a niche market.

Custom Packaging Design

We wanted PMK’s customers to have a completely exclusive experience--both online and offline. To do this, we created custom packaging that spelled “thank you” in mechanical keycaps. We then asked PMK customers to share their unpackaging videos and pictures online to help increase engagement. This allowed us to surprise and delight customers in the short-term, and build brand loyalty in the long-term. It also helped PMK stand out from its competitors.

Keyboard Navigation Project

Web Design and Development

As an entirely new brand, PMK had no online presence. We needed to create an ecommerce store that built both brand credibility and awareness, and focused on conversions. To do this, we established a “Group Buy” system that allowed mechanical keyboard enthusiasts to submit and vote on user-created keyboard designs. This generated a huge amount of online support and engagement from PMK’s audience. Likewise, we executed a simple checkout process and online shopping experience that made it easy for visitors to find and purchase new keycaps. Our ecommerce strategy significantly increased PMK’s parent brand’s revenue and in 2015, they saw their highest sales to date.

Keyboard Navigation Project

Email Marketing

Through social media marketing, a giveaway, and online forum engagement, we took PMK’s email list from 100 subscribers to 8,000 subscribers in less than two years. Not only did this niche list grow quickly, it also sees incredible engagement: the average email open rate is 43% (nearly three times the industry average) and and the average CTR is a whopping 13.9%--about seven times the industry average.

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