Are Homepage Sliders Helping or Hurting Your Website?

Ah, yes . . . the age-old question: should you or should you not use a homepage slider? While sliders (or “carousels”) are commonplace around the Internet their effectiveness is highly questionable. For example, we replaced a homepage slider for one of our clients with a product checkout section and saw a 35.9% increase in conversions. (See… Read more

Don’t Let This Be You! 4 Signs Your Website Needs a Makeover

I bet your website was awesome eight years ago. You might even think it’s awesome now. But you’d be shocked to discover how many brands are missing out on key opportunities to increase sales and reel in new customers. From terrible button placement, to poor messaging, to non-responsive sites, there’s not a day that goes… Read more

The #1 Thing Your Homepage Is Missing

The significance of an optimized homepage can’t be overstated—this is the one page that will make or break whether customers engage with your site or leave it in search of something more exciting . . . like cat videos. One of the first steps you should take to improve your homepage is to optimize the CTA. But… Read more

Optimizing E-commerce Websites

Optimization is Key to Website Growth Optimizing an e-commerce website is about creating relevant content and implementing good design. If a website is not fully optimized for search results, then sales opportunities are lost. Two of the most common issues involve the improper coding of pages and failing to create searchable content. Search engines such as Google and Bing… Read more