10 Simple Ways to Boost Abandoned Cart Revenue

So, you’ve recently launched your online store, you’re getting rave reviews from bloggers, and are giddy watching the number of unique visitors grow. Life is good until you realize that the majority of those customers have abandoned cart issues. They are not completing that final necessary transaction which happens to be your livelihood. In fact,… Read more

Blogging to the Outdoor Enthusiast

Does your company sell products and services that cater to outdoor enthusiasts? Are you looking to expand your online presence? Owning a website is the first step to make your brand known. Becoming part of different social media networks is what is next. But are you starting to wonder whether to blog, or not to blog? Now that is… Read more

Keywords: Choosing the best for SEO

Keywords for websites and blogs are essential to be seen in a universe with over 644 million active websites. That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns using keywords selection is vital to the ongoing success of a new website. But how does one choose the best keywords that potential customers are using? Choosing The Best Keywords… Read more

3 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

Millennials. The most technologically-wired, ethnically diverse, coveted demographic of marketers. Truth be told, they are also the hardest generation to reach. We are not saying it is impossible but you will have to put more time and effort to reach and convert a Millennial. Read: Know Your Demographic: Millennials vs Boomers Here are 3 tips… Read more

Blogging Strategies that Work

Blogs are still an important part of communicating your message as a thought leader and as an expert in your field. But with so many blogs online it is becoming much more difficult to get noticed. To get your blog noticed you will have to be committed to doing a blog over a long period of time.… Read more