Are Homepage Sliders Helping or Hurting Your Website?

Ah, yes . . . the age-old question: should you or should you not use a homepage slider? While sliders (or “carousels”) are commonplace around the Internet their effectiveness is highly questionable. For example, we replaced a homepage slider for one of our clients with a product checkout section and saw a 35.9% increase in conversions. (See… Read more

10 Simple Ways to Boost Abandoned Cart Revenue

So, you’ve recently launched your online store, you’re getting rave reviews from bloggers, and are giddy watching the number of unique visitors grow. Life is good until you realize that the majority of those customers have abandoned cart issues. They are not completing that final necessary transaction which happens to be your livelihood. In fact,… Read more

Recruiting the Next Gen

Having a company blog is a great way to communicate your company’s brand and story to customers and be a thought leader in your industry, but using your blog as a training center will make your company stand out and recruit your next generation of top-notch employees. Millenials may be narcissistic, less trusting, and confused… Read more