Creative Briefs for Advertising and Marketing

The Importance of the Creative Brief Some people may call it a project brief while others label it an experience brief, but whatever the name may be, the document known as a Creative Brief is what smart advertising agencies use to distill the essence of a brand, an ad campaign, a website or just a… Read more

Ethical Business Practices

Ethics and honest practices in business is one of the keys to building long lasting relationships. Any unethical behavior happening in a business should never be ignored. Acting swiftly to correct the behavior internally and responding with accountability to any external parties that may have been affected will set the moral compass in the right… Read more

Creating memorable taglines

Taglines help create memorable brands Taglines, also known as straplines or slogans, are memorable devices used to compliment a logo or brand. They make us think and are often more associated with the brand than the logo itself when successfully used over a period of time.¬†Graphic design blog Inkbot Design highlights the steps to creating… Read more

Business cards still exist in a digital world – here’s why.

Business cards – still required. Business cards are still necessary.¬†It is inevitable; we live in a digital era in which we rely on social media, smartphones and the web as a whole to connect us to other individuals. This form of networking has become extremely popular and has started to replace business cards and other… Read more