E-commerce Website Design

E-commerce Website Design

The design of your e-commerce site will have a dramatic affect your sales. Everything from the color of your “buy now” button to the checkout process will determine how successful your online store will be. Red Rokk’s shopping cart, checkout process, and e-commerce stores are carefully designed (and rigorously tested) to maximize customer conversions – i.e. increasing the percentage of visitors who buy a product.

With endless features and functionality, Red Rokk will push the limits of a custom e-commerce website design bringing new ideas to life. From initial consulting and brainstorming, through development and final implementation, your project will be handled professionally and creatively.

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E-commerce Website Development

How your e-commerce store is coded is one of the single most important aspects of your online store. Scalability, search engine optimization (SEO), and the speed of your website are all affected by how well it is coded. This is why it is so important that your site is created from the ground up with your keywords and market segments in mind. E-commerce experts commonly refer to this as Semantic HTML and it is designed to ensure your site enforces the meaning of your content to both users and search engines, and not just the presentation.

Developing your e-commerce solution from the ground up also allows you to increase the overall speed and efficiency of your online site. Website speed, especially in an e-commerce solution, affects both your SEO as well as your conversation rates. The cleaner the code, the faster your customer’s browser can render it as a website. This means your customer can access the pages they have interest in much faster.

E-commerce Website Features

To increase your shopper’s overall user experience, our e-commerce websites typically include other features such as:

  • One Page Checkout
  • Single Sign On with Facebook, Google, or Twitter
  • Product search
  • Customer account creation and login
  • Ability to see order history, check status, create and share wishlists
  • Gift wrapping option and gift card messages
  • Gift certificate sales and redemption
  • Shipping Options (e.g. shipping integration – FedEx, UPS, USPS; international shipping; ship to multiple addresses)
  • Promotion codes and coupons (free shipping, discounted percentage off the total purchase price, etc.)
  • Sales (percentage off a single product or product category, product exclusions, etc.)
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E-commerce Website Hosting

Along with our e-commerce website development, we offer e-commerce hosting plans to cover all of your needs. From security to databases, small e-commerce sites to enterprise e-commerce solutions, we have a hosting solution for you.

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E-commerce Website Marketing

Marketing your e-commerce store online is a lot different than marketing your store offline. For starters, your customers interact with each other and your brand much differently online than they do offline. As a business, you have the ability to interact with your customers on several different levels. From email and newsletters to Twitter and Facebook, it’s important to understand what you are doing and communicating the right things.

Remember it’s not all about promoting your product. Instead, it’s about building trust and awareness with your brand. How you market your online store will be the difference between success and failure. It’s important that you have a dedicated person on your team who understands the nuances of what customers expect and how they expect it.

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E-commerce Website Analytics

Funnels, landing pages, and conversion rates are all important aspects of a successful e-commerce store. Knowing how each of these is performing is even more important. Having the right analtyics software, appropriately configured, will show you when and where your e-commerce site needs to be updated to increase your conversion rates and overall success. If you truly want to run a successful online store, you need to make sure you invest the time required to integrate your analytics so that you can track important metrics and review them on a weekly basis.

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