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    Welcome to the blogosphere! You have now become one of the 450 million English language blogs out there! Now what?

    We’ve all been there, right below zero, a place where nobody knows you exist (except for grandma and grandpa who are your number one fans and make sure to mention your blog to every single one of their friends at least once in every single conversation). Expanding your audience and making your blog stand out is not that hard. I have to warn you, though, it does take time, patience and hard work, but it is an achievable goal.

    Make yuor blog stand out

    Following are a few pointers.


    • Choose a niche. Go for a topic you know and are passionate about. If you love fashion, make it a fashion blog. If you love to travel, make it a blog about your travels.
    • Blog design. First impressions matter. Make them count! You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a premium theme. Start with a simple design, many like Thesis or Genesis, and make it yours by changing the color scheme, changing the background, adding your blog’s logo.
    • Be original. Don’t try to be the new “it” blog. Be you. Share what you love and not what other blogs in your niche do.
    • Don’t be afraid to be heard. If you have something to say, say it. Don’t be afraid of what others might think of it. Don’t hold back on what really moves you. Haters are gonna hate, so what!? Not every single person that stumbles upon your blog is going to love it, this is perfectly fine. Make it their problem, not yours. Remember that people love controversy!
    • Add media. Whether you are an avid photographer or not, use your own photos! Your photographic skills will get better with time. Maybe add videos. Vlog every now and then. Images and videos catch people’s attention so use them for your advantage.
    • Acknowledge your readers. Make your readers feel like they are an important part of your blog. Interact with them. Build a network around them. You might find a new blogger friend! Let them be part of your blogging journey.

    Little by little you will discover what works best for your blog. Take your time. You might try things that won’t work for you, but don’t be discouraged. Explore. Enjoy the journey.