Pitching to bloggers

In an overly digitalized world it is hard to stand out, not only for bloggers but for companies alike. Pitching to bloggers is an uncharted territory and scary at most. But it is achievable.

Reach blogs that match your company. If you sell luggage suitcases pitch to travel blogs and not to food blogs. Once you have the blogs you want to pitch to read their latest post, about me pages, comments and conversations. I understand that time is money, but you have to understand that bloggers are not all full-time writers. Most bloggers do it as a hobby or craft.

Get Personal.
Bloggers are people, just like you and me. They have a life outside of their blog. Pretend you are meeting at a coffee shop with a new friend. Learn their name, be sweet and polite. You might still have to share specific details about you and your product, keep it simple and incorporate it on a genuine email. Nothing throws bloggers off as a copy-pasted generic email.


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    These are tough times and monetary compensation, as great as it sounds, might not always be a possibility. Instead, offer the blogger a gift in return and/or sponsor a giveaway on their blog. Let them know that you appreciate the time they are taking to write about you. This is not only about the company but the blogger as well.

    Avoid mass emails.
    One of the main problems many bloggers encounter is that companies often think that they are doing the blogger a favor by letting them talk about them on their blog. Don’t annoy bloggers by sending mass emails (or press releases). This will only make them instantly delete every single one of your messages as soon as they see who sent it. Be smart. They are letting you use their traffic numbers. Make the blogger feel like their time is worth it.

    Having a blogger write a post about you is a team work. They are promoting your site on their blog, help them by promoting their post on every social media you belong to. Tweet the post. Send the blogger a tweet acknowledging their post and thanking them in public. Share the post on Facebook, Stumble it, Digg it, Pin it. Do whatever it takes to help with the promotion. This will help both the blogger and you.

    Keep in touch.
    Don’t be a stranger. Keep in touch, establish a good relationship. This will increase your chances of working together again.