Four Secrets to Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating and sharing high-quality content in order to attract, reach and gain a targeted audience. The content can relate to a brand’s values, be relevant to its industry’s issues, or any other topic that relates to the brand. The objective of content marketing is to provide valuable information to the audience yet does not influence a customer through a direct sales pitch or call to action.

4 Secrets to Successful Content Marketing

Define goals. Without setting strategic goals on what you wish to gain from content marketing, there is no means to measure your success. Defining clear goals, be they long- or short-term, will help focus your efforts. Otherwise, how will you know that your hard work is paying off?

Questions you might ask when defining your  goals are: Do we want to grow our social media presence? Do we want to attract traffic to our site? What other measurable gains do we want to see?

Once you have defined your goals, make sure that everyone in your team is on the same page, from your social media marketers, to writers, and even your photographer or graphic designer.


Quality content. You must invest in not only high quality  content but original content as well. Search engine algorithms are continuously changing, but one thing that is sure to never change is a dislike of copied content.

Your customers and site visitors are daily bombarded by content, so make sure yours is written well, stands out, and actually shares some new form of information. If they have already seen what you have to offer, they will simply move on.

Your content may come from your in-house writer, but feel free to hire a professional to do the work. Your writer may know all there is to know about your products, but a professional journalist may find the best words to go with your brand.


Consistency. An effective content marketing campaign shows consistency. People will expect to see new content regularly. This doesn’t mean that you should create content every single day or twice a day. It’s about setting a weekly plan that’s right for you.

Creating consistent content is a must. Before you start scheduling and creating calendars, decide how many times a week you will curate content. Will you post once a week? Four times a week?

There is no right amount of times you should create content. What works for another brand might not work for you. Make sure to post at least once a week.


By capitalizing on conversion-centric email marketing, social media, online giveaways, and abandoned cart emails, we significantly increased brand loyalty, awareness, and most importantly—eCommerce sales.

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    Remember to create high quality and original content.

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    Shareability. Content marketing goes well beyond quality content. Your content must inspire people to share it with their family, friends and social media followers. Make your content easy and fast to share.

    If you have curated a video, share it on YouTube and Vimeo. For images and infographics go with Pinterest. Connect your blog feed to Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn, that way your feed will automatically be shared on these three platforms.