Gaining Twitter followers is easier than it looks

In one way or another, everyone wants to be noticed. On Twitter you are not only competing with millions of Twitter users, but you also only have 140 characters to get noticed.

Social networks require a firm commitment. Along with consistency, gaining Twitter followers is simple: be real. Write quality content, share the good, listen, engage.

Of course, there are other basic techniques to get attention and gain more followers:

Getting followers on Twitter

1. Use a profile photo that attracts attention. When looking for who to follow, people will only see your photo, so make sure it will catch their attention. Be creative. Use a cartoonized photo of yourself or your favorite silly photo. Options are endless, just skip the Twitter egg avatar.

2. Have a solid biography. You will have limited space, so make your bio creative, memorable. You can also add your location and website link.

3. Tweet quality content. Stick to content that relates to your niche, whether it is social media marketing, content marketing, tourism, etc. Make your tweets thought-provoking and re-tweet worthy.

4. Tweet often. You should try to tweet at least once a day. Many Twitter tools will help schedule your tweets throughout the day. Just remember to not only tweet about you and/or your brand, but also re-tweet others.

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5. Use hashtags wisely. Hashtags will help your tweet be seen by those who do not follow you. Make sure that whichever hashtag you want to go with is relevant to your tweet. Don’t add those that have nothing to do with the content you are sharing, it will be seen as spam.

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6. Keep balance between your followers and following lists. The number between these two lists should not differ by more than 20%. On Twitter you must participate and provide a relationship between you and your followers. A balanced follower/following list will give a good vibe to anyone who finds to your Twitter profile.

7. Request re-tweets. Simple as it gets, ask your followers to re-tweet you, that way their followers will be able to see your tweet and maybe even click on the link, and even better, you might gain a new follower!


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    8. Engage. Even if the person does not follow you and you feel that you have a good intake on their tweets, engage. Join in the debate, give your point of view, add to the discussion, answer questions, give tips. You can either reply to their tweet or mention their handle – @[TwitterHandle] – to engage.

    9. Follow others like you. Follow people that tweets the same kind of content you do. If you tweet about marketing, for example, look for others that tweet about marketing as well.

    10. Follow the followers of others like you. Once you have found similar Twitter users follow their followers. They already follow the people similar to you, they are very likely to follow you as well.

    Getting new followers will not be a day-and-night endeavor. It will take some time; but, abstain from buying followers. You have to earn them, not buy them. You want followers that will engage with you, re-tweet you. In social media quality is more important than quantity. Accounts with “fake followers” attract attention because they do not generate conversation, and thus end up getting less. Remember that trust is hard to get, so don’t try to deceive any potential followers.