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Social Media Sites for Designers

Social media has progressed and become more intuitive over the past five years for designers. In 2013, the key to success in design is being accessible. Social media platforms are great tools for designers to promote themselves, get connected and stay inspired. In order to establish an online presence as a designer, one should look into these must-have social media mediums for achieving professional recognition and standing out from the design crowd.

Linked In –

LinkedIn is a social networking site dedicated to connecting business professionals around the world.

Essentially, LinkedIn is an extended resume that displays professional experience and skills. In sections, LinkedIn allows users to display a headline, summary, education, work experience, professional skills and any additional contact information. The site is a great platform for designers to interact with employers and colleagues and join and contribute to groups within the network. The LinkedIn search engine is efficient and helpful when looking for professional connections and job opportunities. When customizing a profile remain brief, professional, relevant and truthful. Also, proofread! Proper spelling and grammar is crucial.

Twitter –

Twitter has become a popular platform for designers to share information, interact with users, look for work and explore future opportunities. The first step to standing out from the Twitter design crowd is personalizing a Twitter profile. Keep it professional and simple with a description of skills and goals. Next, find users to follow and gain followers. Twitter has an excellent search engine when it comes to specific industries and interests that will better connect professionals within desired fields. Engage followers by tweeting relevant information relating to specific interests and interact with users by retweeting and commenting on tweets.

Use relevant hashtags sparingly on tweets to promote work and link tweets to Twitter’s search engine. Overall, Twitter is a great way to connect with professionals in real time. It is easy-to-use and a way to stay updated daily in the world of design.

Pinterest – 

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms for designers. This website is dedicated to connecting users through sharing visual content. A designer can use Pinterest for personal and professional use. A designer can follow users and gain followers by pinning/repinning images in categorized boards on their profile. Boards become great reference tools for future design projects.

In the professional world, designers will often use Pinterest boards as mood boards for various design projects to share with colleagues or clients. Designers can also post their own work on the site to gain recognition. Designers can link to social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter via Pinterest to connect with more users and share their activity on Pinterest.  There is also a place provided on the site to write a brief summary and post further contact information and a link to a personal URL so followers can connect with designers beyond the site itself.

Keep in mind – anyone can access social media. To prevent the urge from posting personal opinions and private information for all to see, create separate accounts: a personal account and professional account.