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Creating memorable taglines

Taglines help create memorable brands

Taglines, also known as straplines or slogans, are memorable devices used to compliment a logo or brand. They make us think and are often more associated with the brand than the logo itself when successfully used over a period of time. Graphic design blog Inkbot Design highlights the steps to creating a memorable tagline and how it can increase a company or product’s overall success. Taglines are not crucial for every brand but can certainly be successful for a brand if it is done correctly. The first step to creating a successful tagline is to focus on the mission of the brand. The tagline should communicate this message concisely (most taglines are only three to six words long) and effectively. In doing so, your message will linger with the individuals, leaving behind a “mental footprint.”

In general, taglines can be persuasive tools and should evoke some sort of emotional response. Inkbot mentions four variables that should be taken into consideration when creating a tagline:

  • Originality – describes why the product or company is unique and how it compares to its competitors. 
  • Equity –compliments the brand or product by using accurate descriptors and should focus on clarity as a whole.
  • Portability – highlights the impact on our culture or in the media. It should be focused on relevancy.
  • Longevity – focuses on “standing the test of time” and how it will be able to last through various changes in culture.

Starting out, a brand should not rely purely on a tagline. Professional logos should visually represent the brand and a tagline should compliment the brand’s message. If a tagline strikes an emotional chord with customers over time the tagline may stand by itself without relying on the logo so heavily.

Coming up with a tagline requires a lot of brainstorming. It is crucial to keep the brand message in mind while coming up with potential tagline ideas. Consider the benefits of your brand over competitors. Make it clear why clients should choose your brand without stating it word-for-word in the tagline. Along with creating an emotional response that will engage clients, the most important thing to do when brainstorming a tagline is staying true and original to your brand.

Create word lists and mood boards of what represents your brand; this can be a helpful way to come up with the perfect slogan that ties in with your brand as a whole. But most importantly, enjoy the process! Conceptualizing taglines can be complex but making it a fun project will help build a strong and recognizable brand at the end of the day.