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Visual problem solving through the use of mood boards

Graphic designers use a variety of techniques to stay inspired when working on projects. One of the most beneficial ways to hunt, gather and pitch creativity is through the use of mood boards. Online design blog Creativebloq covers why mood boards are important for inspiration and how they make good tools for designers to use when working on projects for clients.

Designers are visual people so what better way to portray a solution to a creative problem than through a visual mood board. Mood boards are great ways to communicate ideas, moods and other visual solutions to problems that are presented to designers.

When creating a mood board for a project focus on this question: What problem are you trying to solve?  Answer this question by using dominant images that will be supported by the other elements on the board. The key to a successful mood board is clarifying a specific theme. There can be a lot of visuals on a mood board but if they all do not tie into one message the idea behind the board is lost.

Text on a board is also an effective way to set a tone. Do not make the board super text-heavy but focus on using a few words that compliment the board’s theme as a whole. Mood boards can be created in a variety of ways on easy-to-use online websites. Here are a few to note:

Pinterest – this online site displays images that can be used for inspiration or mood boards. The unique feature about Pinterest is it allows users to create their own collection boards on the site so you can create mood boards on the site itself by collecting the images (pins) and placing them in specific boards.

Image Spark – displays a variety of images in mood board format. It also allows users to publicly look at other users’ mood boards and image libraries for reference and inspiration.

Mood Stream – a tool from Getty Images that focuses on finding an image to convey a certain emotion. It has a unique search function and is helpful when it comes to making mood boards.

Moodboard. – is an iPad app that allows users to place their own images into ready-made mood board templates. Users on the go can save and share their boards easily with the click of a button.

Designers may prefer to use physical mood boards for inspiration or projects. Physical boards often use details or materials that that cannot be conveyed as easily when using online mood boards.Physical mood boards are usually created over a period of time as designers collect various artifacts to contribute to a specific board. Materials used in physical mood boards can often be reused for various projects but should be portrayed in different ways.

Displaying information on a board from scratch can be a tedious process but no matter the method of mood board making a designer uses, this process should be inspiring and fun. When it comes to mood boards, take advantage of materials and resources, the visual world is your oyster!