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Ethical Business Practices

Ethics and honest practices in business is one of the keys to building long lasting relationships. Any unethical behavior happening in a business should never be ignored. Acting swiftly to correct the behavior internally and responding with accountability to any external parties that may have been affected will set the moral compass in the right direction. More importantly, head off such behaviors by creating a culture of sound ethical practices in your business.

Marketing and Honesty

Employee fraud, making empty promises to a customer or fudging reports are just a handful of unethical behaviors that may arise in the workplace. It’s important to know that these, and any number of other offenses, erode the foundation of your good business and your good name. A business’ bottom line is at peril when such unethical behaviors are allowed to fester.

Developing a culture of ethics

Just as you might develop a corporate culture based on teamwork, innovation or service, incorporate ethics into who you are as an organization. Along with a corporate mission and vision, develop corporate values – and live them.

Turknett Leadership Group suggests the “Three C’s” – Create a clear code of ethics; develop and live a “culture of character;” and make ethics part of the conversation in everyday practices.

Not only must there be a code, but consider ways discourage the behavior from happening in the first place, or “moving the cookie jar,” as David Gebler, president of Skout Group LLC, terms it. He goes on to suggest companies establish clear penalties, and apply them fairly and consistently. Finally, remember openness within the company engenders loyalty, so don’t leave out the vital communication element. The practice of “do the right thing. Do the smart thing” goes a long way when building relationships with clients.

The Society for Professional Journalists, like many professional organizations, has its own code of ethics, as does the Public Relations Society of America and the American Marketing Association.