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Content Marketing – Requires Persistence

Content marketing helps websites get more exposure from those seeking general or specific information. In the cluttered world of marketing and advertising in 2013, marketers are now looking for any advantage they can find that will attract customers to their business. But for it to be successful, content marketing requires persistence.

Content Marketing helps with Keyword search

Red Rokk  is a Bellingham marketing company that has embraced one of the newer marketing techniques that is known as inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a term that was coined by the software provider that specializes in attracting viewers to websites by creating content that viewers want to see. With so much to choose from online, viewers are refining their searches to exact keywords and phrases that will narrow down their topic or subject to specifics. Inbound marketing capitalizes on the most popular keywords and then generates content that helps educate and answer the questions viewers have.

By “earning the attention of the viewer,” the inbound marketer uses blogs, podcasts, videos, whitepapers, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and newsletters to attract online traffic and (over time) will convert these viewers into qualified leads and eventually, paying customers. Marketers that specialize in the art of inbound marketing have been signing on new clients whose own customers are actively seeking information that is useful and engaging.

Inbound Marketing requires persistence

Being able to write blogs on a consistent basis requires planning and a commitment to follow through. For many businesses that get started in inbound marketing, there is a surge of activity to start, but after a few months, or even a few weeks, the ability to constantly produce content becomes a pain. Blogs that used to written five days a week get reduced down to two or three days a week and then once a week. After several months a blog may be produced once a month – if at all. Commitment means adding this important function to the daily routine – and always look for new people to contribute.

By focusing on what is popular and what key terms people are searching for each day on Google or Bing, Red Rokk staff know what is trending and then create blog postings that focus on how these popular topics can be linked to the relevant examples in the marketing and web optimization industries.

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