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Facebook Changes to the Advertising Formats

In compliance to Facebook’s decision to improve its advertising offering, it has been recently announced that changes have been done to, mainly, to the following advertising formats:

    • Page link ads post
    • Page like ads
    • Offers ads
    • Event ads

Facebook Changes to the Advertising Formats

These changes cover three aspects:

Larger images: Facebook has increased the image size to allow advertisers to showcase their products or brand. It is now recommended for all images to be a minimum width of 1,200 pixels in order for the images to show appropriately whether on a laptop or mobile.

Same aspect ratio across desktop and mobile News Feed: It is therefore possible to use the same image for an ad that appears on the newsfeed on desktop and mobile versions.

Consistent elements and formats between ad units: such as the standardization of truncation rules text, clear recommendations for the size of the image and the optimal number of characters, more specific details on the timing and amount of additional content that is injected into an announcement.

Personally, I think these changes should allow advertisers to get better results for example the click through rate and conversion rate, to name a couple.


Example: “Page post ad link”

Newsfeed on the desktop

 Facebook: Changes to the Advertising Formats

Newsfeed on mobile

 Facebook: Changes to the Advertising Formats

Right Column

Facebook: Changes to the Advertising Formats