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Marketing channels for the online realm are concerned with choosing the right social media for your content marketing. For instance, do you take the time to investigate where your target audience spends time online? Are your blogs, videos and featured content actually being seen? Maybe they are, but if you could tap into a larger audience that fits your customer profile – wouldn’t you? Take the time to explore the social media channels and zero in on the sites where your audience spends time online.

Social media websites are now more numerous than ever and the choices continue to grow to the point where they are overwhelming. Unless you have an idea about what is involved and are searching for content and subjects or you find a link to one while on another website or social media site – the chances of finding some of these sites without knowing what to look for in advance, is slim.

When people are asked about the social media channels they’re aware of they will usually answer with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the list goes on – and on, and on. Like apps for a smartphone, there are so many social media outlets, it’s hard to keep track.

For the business blogger, attempting to connect with new audiences or an e-commerce website trying to expand its customer base, there are different categories serving different uses and interests.

The Top 10 Business social media sites allow bloggers to get in front of audiences that may be business-to-business or business-to-consumer focused and are therefore more inclined to use their services or buy their products.

It’s also important to recognize that some websites that launched with great hope have since failed – they’re listed here. They all believed there would be a viable audience was The social media website targeted to the Gen X age group failed to generate long-term interest. The reasons are primarily because the creators’ believed that targeting by age alone would work.