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Media landscapes shift quickly – What’s next?

Media landscapes are shifting at a rapid and unpredictable pace. Today there is more diversity than ever before. For advertisers who used to invest in TV commercials, now they have a choice of broadcast, cable or streaming. If they choose streaming then will the ad be compatible with smartphones and tablets? And if will they move into creating ads in video, rich media, social media, branded content, banners, apps, in-app advertising? What’s at stake is being able to connect with the consumer in a meaningful way – while also being able to start and carry on a conversation. There is an expectation from consumers that advertising and marketing initiatives have to be relevant to what they are doing – and if it is not – the consumer will criticize it, or worse – ignore it.

Digital technologies have changed the way advertising and marketing is created and delivered. The traditional ad agencies are having to invest heavily in online resources and talent while “interactive agencies” are having to learn what traditional methods continue to be effective. There is no one answer as the technologies and the mediums blur and morph into one another.?

What’s next for Television

Take television as an example. Since Netflix began streaming and offering original series such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, the consumer now has the ability to view what they want, when they want, and on whatever device they choose. With Apple TV and the new Google Chromecast dongle, the convenience of multiple screens is happening now. HBO is beginning to see more of its customers using its HBOGO streaming service because they want to see Boardwalk Empire on their iPad. And, the cool thing about Netflix is that it has created a new expectation of being able to stop the program they are watching and come back later to view on their TV, computer, smartphone or tablet and pick up where they left off. The viewer may do this for several programs they are watching on Netflix. This feature is similar to the DVR where the viewer has the ability to resume or start over for all the recorded programs. For streaming services such as Hulu or Netflix, this feature along with a growing library of content will only make it more relevant to the consumer. For advertisers, the challenge is to find ways to connect and be relevant with the consumer’s ability to change platforms, times and content in an instant.