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Optimizing E-commerce Websites

Optimization is Key to Website Growth

Optimizing an e-commerce website is about creating relevant content and implementing good design. If a website is not fully optimized for search results, then sales opportunities are lost. Two of the most common issues involve the improper coding of pages and failing to create searchable content.

Search engines such as Google and Bing use software programs, known as bots, to scour and traverse the internet for content that is analyzed and ranked by subject and category. If your website is not being read properly or it lacks in relevant content, then your website’s rankings will be adversely affected. The solution is straightforward but does involve a commitment by the marketing team to consistently review its website performance and content optimization.

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It’s understandable that these are common occurrences most likely because business owners would prefer their website to automatically optimize itself through updates or other processes that do not involve their direct participation. Some day the idea of an automatic fully-optimized website may become a reality, however as it stands now, the commitment to make sure a website is being found and is actively converting visitors into repeat customers is the key to growth.

 Optimize for Mobility

According to a recent report by Cisco, “By the end of 2013, the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the number of people on earth,” therefore it’s vital for businesses to make sure their websites are mobile compatible since this is the platform where most people will be engaging with the website. As stated, “It comes as a big disappointment to discover that a whopping 70% of companies have not optimized their website for the growing number of mobile consumers. Even more (84%) fail to design emails for viewing on a mobile device.” The take away is to make sure that your website is being recognized by search engines and is properly formatted for mobile content viewing.

The bottom line is that today’s smart e-marketer understands that a fully optimized website is one of the most important tasks on his or her list of marketing priorities. All other marketing efforts that ultimately support this function will be much less effective without website optimization of content and coding in place.