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Vine is popular – Six ways to make it Creative

Vine is an app that lets you capture and share short, 6-second, videos which play on a loop. And this is precisely what makes Vine a great tool for marketers: it helps to leverage creative video content while capitalizing on customers’ short attention spans.

Reactions to this new app have ranged from good to not so good. Some really love the idea and jumped right in; others just don’t care about it; while others go to the extent of dissing Vine on their Twitter accounts. But I am one to believe that you should try new things at least once in order to create your own judgement. Maybe a close friend didn’t like it, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t.

Get Creative with Vine

1. Create a story – a narrative

2. Be creative

3. Aim for visual appeal

4. Don’t say too much

5. Maximize audio

6. Always look for unique marketing angles

The possibilities are endless. Whatever you can think of can be easily done in 6 seconds or less. Here are 6 ways to get creative with Vine:

Behind the scenes.

Take your followers behind the scenes of your business: introduce your team to the world; showcase your headquarters, conference room, production lab, CEO’s office. Be as creative and fun as you want.

Unique, fun, use of #Vine via @producerjoseph featuring @colleenokxly @lunakxly @alyssakxly cc @kxlytv

— Mike Ellis (@TheMikeEllis) February 10, 2013

Sneak peeks.

Give your followers access to bits of your business’ everyday life that, otherwise, they wouldn’t have access to. Is your team getting ready for a conference? Do you have a new product coming out soon? Give a sneak peek to what is happening.

models lining up @rebeccaminkoff#nyfw #vine

— T Magazine (@tmagazine) February 8, 2013

Mini series.

Create a mini series about your brand. Once every week introduce a new employee, showcase their office and what they do. Or feature a new product or client once a week. The options are endless.

Meet Red Rokk’s CTO – Jonathon Byrd /

— Ana Sofia (@red_rokk) January 28, 2013

Show product in action.

You can also promote your products by displaying them in action! If you have a bicycle business, take a quick Vine video of your top seller in action, be it t the park or at the shop. You have a dog grooming business? Give a puppy a bath and share it with the world! You can also ask your costumers to share a Vine of your product in action!

When good things come together. Introducing our first Vine. #myfirstvine

— Malibu Rum (@Malibu_Rum) January 26, 2013

Showcase brand’s personality.

Custumers want to know the people behind your brand; that they are not dealing with a robot. Through Vine you can share your brand’s personality. Share funny videos of your employees doing silly things at the office: chair races down the hall, jokes and pranks. Maybe be silly with your products. Take McDonald’s example:

French Fries vs. #FishMcBites: The Epic Tic-Tac-Toe battle. Watch our first #Vine

— McDonald’s (@McDonalds) February 4, 2013

Brand announcements. 

Share with the world any announcements related to your brand. Is there a new product coming soon? Gearing for a new event? Is your business putting a new even together? Whatever the news, share them through a Vine.

Here is why this week is a big one #CFPreform#vine

— WWF UK (@wwf_uk) February 4, 2013

Do you Vine? What other creative ideas have you implemented on your videos?