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Facebook call-to-action means business

Facebook is a platform where conversations take place with customers and it is also a great venue for placing call-to-action reminders.   Many brands forget to have calls to action that encourage fans to respond to the content published. Using action calls you will get your fans to engage and interact with you, hence increasing traffic, visibility and marketing opportunities for your page.

5 ways to increase fan engagement on Facebook

1. Learn when is the best time to post. There is no specific favorable time to post on Facebook. For example, Hubspot  finds 6 p.m.-8 p.m. EST is the best, while  Buddy Media says posting between 8 p.m.-7 a.m. on the weekends is better than during the week. Keep looking and you will find quite a few other opinions.

There is no right or wrong time to post. Here is where the fun begins: you will have to do your own research on what time works for you! Try posting at different times during the week, but make sure to always post more than once a day. You can use the schedule option on Facebook to time your posts for later in the day or week, which can save time.

2. Post fan-centered status updates. Your brand is on Facebook because you want it to be out there. Posting the same update over and over again will only come across as annoying, even spam-ish, and this will push your fans away. Besides, the EdgeRank algorithm really doesn’t like it when you do so … so let’s keep the beast happy.

Instead, include calls to action: ask fans for their opinion, stories or advice. The more comments your post acquires, the higher up it will appear on the news feed.

3. Post relevant content. If your fans do not respond to your updates it is time to reevaluate the content you share. Make sure your posts are relevant to you, your brand and your industry. Your fans are there because they like you, so reciprocate by providing information that will be useful to them as well.  

4. Use fill in the blank posts. These are 9 times more effective than regular posts.

5. Humanize you brand. Let your fans know that there is a real person behind the brand. Add personality and emotion to your posts. Don’t be afraid to be bold, funny and smart. Show the human side of your brand and opening up

Now we want to hear from you: In what other ways does your brand engage on Facebook?