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3 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

Millennials. The most technologically-wired, ethnically diverse, coveted demographic of marketers. Truth be told, they are also the hardest generation to reach.

We are not saying it is impossible but you will have to put more time and effort to reach and convert a Millennial.

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Here are 3 tips for Marketing to Millennials

Be Active on different Social Media Networks. Millennials use the Internet on a daily basis and use most of their time on Social Media networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, to share, connect, and discover. No wonder they are seen as the the most connected generation. This is why brands who are aiming to reach and convert Millennials should use these social media channels in as many ways as possible.

Connect and engage Millennials through your Facebook Page by answering questions, hosting promotions, sharing behind-the-scenes or sneak peeks of a new product or service. Do the same with Twitter and even Instagram.

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Talk to Millennials on a human level. Millennials are not like your average customer. They want to connect with your brand and feel appreciated and part of something. Communicating to them as you might do with, let’s say, a Boomer will not get you the same results.

You must connect with Millennials on a human level. Talk to them as you would talk to a friend -keeping it professional, of course. Have a person-to-person conversation, don’t be condescending or make them feel unwanted. If your brand won’t connect with them there are many more out there that will, and Millennials have no problem with walking away to find something better.


Understand what ignites their interest. To better connect with this generation you need to know exactly what ignites their interest. Don’t just wing it hoping that you will, somehow, get it right. To engage better become part of their conversation.

Let’s say that you have a restaurant and want to catch the Millennials’ eye, by knowing that most Millennials are interested on a healthier diet you can market your healthy menu choices instead of going for the double deep fried snicker bar brownie that you are so famous for.

You will have to cater to their likes and dislikes to catch and convert their attention. Will it take some extra brainstorming? Of course. But it will be worth it.