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Keywords: Choosing the best for SEO

Keywords for websites and blogs are essential to be seen in a universe with over 644 million active websites. That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns using keywords selection is vital to the ongoing success of a new website. But how does one choose the best keywords that potential customers are using?

Choosing The Best Keywords For SEO

Brainstorm, make a list of all the keywords and phrases that are most relevant to your website’s content. Use Google and type in words to see the results and evaluate which words are most relevant. While making your list make sure to think of all the ways your ideal visitor refers to your product or service as. This will also help you discover other keywords or phrases that you didn’t think of on the first place.

From this list, select “key” phrases, words that identify best with your website’s content. Let’s pretend that your website is all about cat food. While this is too broad of a phrase, by adding other key terms, like organic cat food, your chances of a higher rank are greater. Just make sure that this new key phrase is, indeed, relevant to your website’s content and not just an attempt to show up on a higher rank.

Check your competition for the keywords they use. The stronger the competition for a specific keyword, the harder it will be to rank on it as well.  If we were to do a search for cat food, you will see that there are 303,000,000 results, so it makes no sense for you to focus on just that key phrase. Organic cat food has 25,300,000 results, but Organic grain free cat food, is a way better option with only 1,180,000 results.  Target keyword phrases with lower competition, but remember to stay true to your website’s content.

Keyword Research Tools

There are many keyword research tools that will help you find the keywords your ideal visitors use. Take for instance:

  • Google Keyword Selection Tool: which gives preference to the search results for the specific keyword you entered. Right under them is a list of synonyms for the keyword. If your top choice doesn’t have a lot of searches, maybe one of its synonyms would do.