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Recruiting the Next Gen

Having a company blog is a great way to communicate your company’s brand and story to customers and be a thought leader in your industry, but using your blog as a training center will make your company stand out and recruit your next generation of top-notch employees.

Millenials may be narcissistic, less trusting, and confused when it comes to finances, but they are also tech-savvy, optimistic, and continuous learners who are achievement-oriented. In addition to these inclinations, Forbes sees the rise in Gen Y’s self-directed learning as one of the top five tech trends to take advantage of this year.

In conjunction with good blogging practices and a content strategy, blogs can capitalize on this new trend by becoming a specialized online learning/resource center to target, engage, and persuade talented millennials to invest in the company.

Many blogs that attract readers today share tips and expertise for business success and give insight into current affairs (Marriot on the Move); know their target audience and tell engaging, dynamic stories (Virgin Atlantic); and engage readers by inviting them to share their experiences (Instagram’s blog).

Although these blogs may share insight into business practices and tell engaging stories, business blogs can still take it one step further. For example, if you have a training program or event for your employees, share some of that content across multiple platforms, like Slideshare, and give insight into why you train that way and what the employees gain from it.

22 percent of millenials saw training and development as the most valued benefit from an employer, according to The Undercover Recruiter survey. Also, 52 percent said opportunities for career advancement made the employer more attractive, and 65 percent said opportunity for personal development was the most influential factor for choosing a job.

Harnessing the millennial advantage – current social media and tech skills, optimism, and willingness to learn – should be a part of every company’s long-term plan to recruit superior staff and stay ahead of the rest of the competition. Specializing your blog content to satisfy the millennial e-learning trend will make you a more attractive employer and attract more talented employees.

Tip: How not to use your blog

A majority of blogs today harm their online presence by: using the blog primarily as a sales tool, post about their own products, do not maintain the appearance of the website, not producing new content on a daily basis, blog under an obvious false persona, and fail to create dynamic content, according to blogging guru Jeff Bullas.