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7 Quick Homepage Tips for Outdoor Enthusiasts

homepage tips for outdoor enthusiasts

While meandering around the web, I came across BuzzFeed’s article, “31 Amazing Online Stores You’ve Never Heard Of.” Sweet. I love amazing online stores.

That’s when I found Alite. They specialize in awesome outdoor gear like backpacks and camping chairs, and Alite stands behind everything they make with a lifetime guarantee. Sure, you can buy some of their products like the Mayfly Chair and the Meadow Rest Chair at REI, but Alite is losing out on better profit margins with their own eCommerce site.

These outdoor enthusiasts may know how to make solid gear, but do they know how to sell it online? Let’s take a look…

Here are seven quick fixes (make them in less than two hours) that will increase any online stores’ conversion rates:

1. Use H1 tags and lose the embedded text on images.


The H1 is a tag that defines the most important heading on a website and tells search engines what the page content is all about. At first glance, you may think that it’s right there in front of you…”Everyday Packs.” Unfortunately, the hovering Mickey Mouse hand tells us something different. The text on the homepage banners are embedded into the image, making it non-selectable and non-searchable for search engines. Essentially, the search engines are unable to see the text and cannot grab pertinent keywords to lead consumers to these cool products.

When you check out the homepage on mobile, here’s what you get:


Yikes. The H1 on mobile is not only non-searchable, but the text has shrunk far below Google’s minimum font size recommendation of 16 pixels. For an impactful H1, make sure your font size is 175-250% larger than your base font of 16 pixels. And what about their product? The three featured pack products are now smaller than my pinky nail leading me to think that the packs are fit for a miniature Shopkin instead of the average human.

Let’s take a look at 53, an eCommerce site that’s on the right track:


2. Give each page one solid H1.

One way to do this is to highlight your product and its benefit to the customer. In Alite’s case, instead of “Everyday Packs, new packs for your everyday escapades,” try this…

The Scout Pack: Secure Your Gear with Our Most Comfortable Pack.

Why this works…the new headline tells newcomers what this product does: secure your stuff. Next, it calls out the benefit to the customer: total comfort.

3. Kill the revolving carousel.

Every time the slide changes, the H1 changes, which immediately devalues the keyword relevance. And who’s going to wait around or click through Alite’s 35-second, 7-slide carousel extravaganza? Nobody. The click-through rates on carousels are terrible, as in less than 0.1%! For more juicy stats on how carousels kill conversions, check out Craig Tomlin’s article here.

4. Provide an ALT tag for each image.

When you use ALT tags, you increase your chances of showing up in image searches. An ALT tag is a short description of an image that search engines can read and also tells the visually impaired what the image is about.


5. On mobile, stack the product images vertically.

Use the max-width: 100% to maintain consistency and show off the product’s detail. Check out this example from Skinny Teatox:

6. Tell your audience what to do.

Give them a call to action button on the home page to “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart.” This simple tweak helped us increase total purchases for Holz Racing Products by 44% in just two weeks! Check out how we did it here.

7. Test it out.

Not sure if “Buy Now”, “See For Yourself”, or “Dive On In” will speak to your audience and actually convert? Check out Optimizely to A/B test your ideas, reduce bounce rates and drive more sales (your boss will thank you). If you don’t have the extra cash to pay for Optimizely, you can also run free a/b tests through Google Analytics’ “Experiments.” Check out this helpful video on how to set it up and get testing.

Put these seven homepage tips into practice and you’ll see amazing results immediately for your online store (and actually be heard of!).

What other homepage strategies have helped you increase conversions on your online store? Leave a comment to let us know!