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Email Marketing: The Key to eCommerce Success

Back when the internet and email were new, hearing that little voice say “You’ve got mail” would send a jolt of dopamine straight to the brain. What new and exciting message were you receiving today? After decades of Nigerian prince scams, body part enlargement pills, and unsolicited spam flooding our inboxes, email soon morphed into a daily chore. With the prevalence of social media outlets and mobile SMS/texting, it’s easy to think of email as stale and outdated. But ignoring email as a marketing tool is a mistake that could cost you thousands, even millions, of dollars.

Why Email Marketing

According to a recent Radicati Group study, there will be more than 3.7 billion email users by the end of the year, with the total number of business and consumer emails sent and received at 269 billion/day, that’s a lot of emails!

Man getting flooded by mail poring out of his computer

When it comes to sales conversions, email marketing continues to outperform platforms like Facebook and Instagram. A National Client Email Report from the Direct Marketing Association shows that:

  • ROI, on average, for email campaigns yielded $44 for every $1 spent.
  • 80% of people say they receive daily marketing messages alongside their personal emails.
  • 70% of people use coupons or discounts they learn about from email.
  • 60% of people say that receiving special offers is the top reason they subscribe to an email list.


To put it bluntly, if you’re not using email in your business, you’re losing out on a huge amount of money.


*TL:DR – Half the world uses email and billions more emails are sent per day. Average ROI on email is 4400%

Social Media Comparison

More often than not, businesses focus most of their time and effort on building their social media followings. This makes sense since the cost to start a fan page on Facebook or Instagram is free. The only problem is, only about 2% of posts will be seen by your followers.


As more and more businesses hop on the social media bandwagon, those social media companies also want a piece of the pie. By changing certain algorithms, social media companies are forcing businesses to pay ad revenue for a chance to be seen. So unless your target audience is online at the time you post, chances are they will never see your content; on the flip side,  90% of emails are delivered straight to users’ inboxes–no algorithm necessary.  

The other issue besides getting your content in front of prospective buyers is whether or not they’re engaged. Noah Kagan from OkDork performed an experiment on this issue. After posting a tweet online to his 14,000 followers encouraging them to click on his link, he only received 109 clicks or 0.8%.

Results showing 109 clicks out of 14,000 followers on twitter

Next, he sent the same link and call to action to his email subscription list of 3,547. His results: 882 subscribers clicked on his link, a 24% increase in customer engagement compared to Twitter.

882 out of 3,547 subscribers clicked on the call to action in the email

The bottom line is while social media platforms are great for free content and community building, email takes the conversion cake.


*TL:DR – When it comes to sales and conversions, email performs considerably better than social media.

Content is King

It should come as no surprise that content marketing is the best strategy for eCommerce businesses right now. Providing quality content boosts search engine rankings and gives you sharable content that can be easily promoted on social media (if this is news to you, stop reading right now and contact us)!


The problem, however, is that content marketing is hard. Providing valuable content is a huge investment that costs time and money. Do you outsource or have a dedicated in-house team create content? Do you design colorful infographics? Write thrilling blog posts? Record podcasts? Make fun and quirky videos?

If so, you don’t want all that hard work and money to go to waste. Email gives you the power to follow up and stay in contact with the people who viewed your content, which is why you want to capture as many emails as you can (we’ll go more in-depth on how to do this in the future). If you’re making good content, the best way to increase impressions and engagement is through email marketing.  


*TL:DR – Content marketing is hard. Don’t waste your time and money if no one is going to see or use it. Email helps you do this.

What Email Can do for You

Now that we’ve drilled the importance of email marketing into your head. Here are a few ideas of what’s possible once your email list ready:


  • Send promotional emails (86% of consumers want at least one per month)
  • Reward loyal customers with special deals
  • Re-engage with customers who haven’t shopped in a while by offering discounts
  • Send automated birthday, anniversary, and holidays gift codes
  • Remind customers about abandoned items in their shopping carts
  • Generate customer reviews


Engaging with your customers through email lets you connect on a deeper level and drive traffic to your eCommerce site.   


Over the coming weeks, we’ll go through the steps needed to create a unique, user-focused email campaign. Our goal is to show you what works and what doesn’t, leading to increased open/click rates and conversions.       


Here’s a taste of what’s to come:


✔ How to build your email list

✔ How to implement a new campaign using Mailchimp

✔ Improve results by A/B Testing

✔ Create segmented groups

✔ Subject lines and personalization


By capitalizing on conversion-centric email marketing, social media, online giveaways, and abandoned cart emails, we significantly increased brand loyalty, awareness, and most importantly—eCommerce sales.

  • Digital strategy and tactic ideas
  • Website optimization tips
  • Download case study

    ✔ Automated email

    ✔ Optimizing for mobile


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