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How to Make Your Library Website Mobile Friendly

Have you ever pulled out your mobile phone to find a new eBook, download some tunes, or find an event only to find that the content is ridiculously small? If so, then there’s a good chance the site isn’t responsive. Responsive web design automatically adjusts content to view optimally across a variety of devices (tablet,… Read more

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Library Marketing

8 Tips to Improve Your Library’s Website Design

By Sherri Huleatt During a recent presentation at a library marketing conference, I asked a group of about 150 library marketers: “How many of you like your library’s website?” Of the 150 people, just one lone librarian raised her hand. The rest looked around and nodded in defeated resignation–like, “Yup, we know our library’s website… Read more

Library Marketing

How to Create a Viral Library Marketing Campaign

What you’ll learn from this article: The psychology of sharing content The anatomy of a viral campaign Why incentives matter How to make your own viral content Examples of viral library marketing In the late summer of 2016, an interesting phenomenon was observed in Whatcom County, WA. People, with books balanced on their heads, performed feats ranging from archery,… Read more