Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries

  • Project type Branding and Marketing Campaign
  • Services rendered Comprehensive rebrand, brand guide, public awareness survey, custom marketing campaign, 12-month marketing calendar
  • Timeframe July-November 2017

Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries (FVRL) was struggling with an outdated, inconsistent logo and an unclear marketing strategy--there was little marketing cohesion among the library's 12 branches, which stretched across 4,200 sq. miles. With these issues in mind, we started with a solid foundation of research to get internal buy-in and understand their brand perceptions; we conducted a public awareness survey, stakeholder survey, staff interviews, and an on-site visit. Our research found that the top concepts FVRL wanted to convey were a sense of community, inclusiveness, and relevance. With this in mind, we created a modern logo that unified the district and communicated FVRL is more than books—it’s a welcoming community hub that’s relevant and inclusive of everyone. We also crafted a custom marketing campaign for them, titled: “Always Novel;” the campaign is designed to increase digital service usage and awareness, and plays off the idea that FVRL always offers something new.

"We brought Red Rokk in to help us align our stale brand and marketing process with our updated mission and strategic focus. Our timeline was tight and our ambitions overly audacious; fortunately Red Rokk more than met the challenges with some clever design, cheerful attitude, and strong project management skills to keep us all on track. We're ecstatic with the results and how well the work represented our vision and need." --Tak Kendrick, FVRL Communications and Marketing Director

The new logo builds off their previous open book icon and includes interconnected pieces that represent the unified district. The open book also represents FVRL’s inclusive culture and the blue gradient is reflective of the district’s natural environment and proximity to the Columbia River. We used this new visual direction to create a new brand guide, library cards, social media graphics, and templates for the internal FVRL team to use.