Pimp My Keyboard

  • Project Type Branding, Responsive Design, Ecommerce Marketing
  • Services Branding, Responsive Design, Digital Strategy, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing
  • Time Frame 2013-present
  • Url Pimpmykeyboard.com

There wasn’t one simple tactic that led to PMK’s success--instead, we took an integrated communications approach that increased website traffic, boosted online sales, and built a legion of brand ambassadors. In fact, our integrated marketing strategy helped take PMK from $30,000 in monthly revenue to about $90,000 in average monthly revenue. By streamlining their eCommerce website, implementing a conversion-centric email marketing campaign, content marketing through social media, online giveaways, and abandoned cart email optimization, we were able to triple their original monthly revenue goal in just two years.

Red Rokk was very instrumental in helping Signature Plastics develop a more focused business model; as a result, 2015 sales were the strongest we have seen in the history of our company. Bob Guenser, President of Signature Plastics