Whatcom County Library System: Library Hacks

  • Project Type Marketing Campaign
  • Services Marketing Campaign, branding
  • Deliverables Email marketing, social media, blogging, Facebook ads, copywriting, graphic design
  • Timeframe March 2017-October 2017
  • URL wcls.org/library-hacks

Libraries offer incredible resources that go far beyond books; the problem is, most people don’t know this. To help increase awareness for the library’s services, we launched the “Library Hacks” campaign in 2017 to help connect the idea of “hacking something,” (i.e. doing something that makes your life easier and saves you money) with the library. Each week, we highlighted a new hack--promoting everything from the Library Elf app (“Track your entire family’s checkouts in one place!”), to homework hacks (“Chat with a librarian online for expert homework advice.”), to using the library’s digital services for free (“Save $1,700 a year with the library’s digital services.”). The campaign was extremely successful, and helped increase total circulation by 10% within one year, which was 150% higher than our goal.