How we tripled ecommerce revenue in 18 months

We took PMK from about $30,000 in average monthly revenue (which was a hefty goal for them at the time) to about $90,000 in monthly revenue. By capitalizing on conversion-centric email marketing, social media, online giveaways, and abandoned cart emails, we significantly increased brand loyalty, awareness, and most importantly—eCommerce sales.


See how we increased conversions 1,102% and ROI 483% in 60 days

A/B testing is a beautiful thing. By changing a few simple page elements, like button color, copy, and layout, you can significantly increase conversions and eCommerce sales. Just look at Next Level Training: by a/b testing a new page element each week for two months, we increased conversions from 0.43% to 5.17%—a 1,102% increase. After 60 days, the company saw a 483% increase in ROI.


How we increased bookings by 50%

Your brand and website are the face of your company. If you sell a high-end product, you need to look high-end. If you sell a quirky product, you need to look quirky. If your look doesn’t match who you are, you’ll lose trust and likeability with your audience. Just look at NW Explorations, a world-class yacht company, suffering from a stale look and outdated website. Our refreshed website, brand, and marketing campaign led to a 50% increase in flotilla and training bookings over the previous year.


Red Rokk was very instrumental in helping Signature Plastics develop a more focused business model; as a result, 2015 sales were the strongest we have seen in the history of our company.

Bob Guenser,
President of Signature Plastics

Our Happy Clients


10 Simple Ways To Boost Abandoned Cart Revenue

So, you’ve recently launched your online store, you’re getting rave reviews from bloggers, and are giddy watching the number of unique visitors grow. Life is good until you realize that the majority of those customers have abandoned cart issues. They are not completing that final necessary transaction which happens to be your livelihood. In fact, nearly 69% of all e-commerce visitors abandon their shopping cart.

Our Top 7 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement

Successful ecommerce sites all have one thing in common: they know their customers. Understanding your customers wants, lifecycle, using social media, UGC marketing platforms, and automated inbound marketing tools are great ways to successfully engage your customers.

4 Quick and Easy Ways to Write Copy that Converts

Most of us, at some point or another, have taken an English class. But just because you can locate a dangling modifier (which is, actually, pretty impressive), doesn’t mean you know how to be a marketing copywriter. In fact, no matter how awesome your grammar is or how wide your vocabulary, one terrifying truth remains . . .


We’ll take care of everything—from building a unique brand that resonates with your audience, to crafting a custom eCommerce website that hits your goals, to executing a powerful marketing campaign that boosts revenue: our straightforward process and hard-earned expertise make your life a bajillion times easier and your results a bajillion times better.

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