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Social Media for business requires persistence

Social media for business purposes works best when working with an expert in digital media marketing who can take a social media campaign to the next, profitable, level.

Social Media for business

Although studies have recently reported that 61% of small businesses don’t see any return on investment from their social media efforts, launching a successful social media campaign takes strategy and know-how, just as a traditional marketing campaign does. And getting customers engaged in an online community is only the beginning. Enticing visitors to  a website and converting them into customers takes gentle persuasion and often clear call to actions that prompt the viewer the viewer to the next step in making a purchase or taking an action.

The study showed that there were many unhappy business owners who had not found success with their social media campaigns for a number of reasons, such as little engagement from customers or a minuscule conversion rate. In most cases, the issue stems from lack of consistency in building a report with social media followers and friends. Many businesses do not have the time to be actively engaged with social media hourly, daily or even weekly – and after awhile, the sense of futility sets in. It doesn’t have to be if a skilled and knowledgeable social media agency is at the helm.

“Just thinking that Facebook alone will send droves of customers to your doorstep is a mistake,” said Crackerjack Marketing CEO Stephanie Schawb, quoted in a USA TODAY article. She’s right.

That’s the basic principle of inbound marketing, and when social media is used in conjunction with inbound marketing, all of a sudden businesses start to see the return on their social media investment.

The marketing truism “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” applies here. With the proper analytics to measure your results, and someone who can help interpret those results, all of a sudden you know exactly what is and isn’t working within your social media campaign and your website. Then, when you bump into one of those “it’s not working” moments, having the expertise of a digital media marketing agency gets you over that hump and back on track.

Drawing on the knowledge of a team that’s tweeted, blogged and pinned, run contests, created apps and managed content, provides the peace of mind that only comes with experience.

If you’re spending time on social media, make sure you are using that time effectively. Hiring a digital media marketing agency may be the best return on your social media investment.