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How to Create a Viral Library Marketing Campaign

What you’ll learn from this article: The psychology of sharing content The anatomy of a viral campaign Why incentives matter How to make your own viral content Examples of viral library marketing In the late summer of 2016, an interesting phenomenon was observed in Whatcom County, WA. People, with books balanced on their heads, performed feats ranging from archery,… Read more

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5 Spooky Problems Haunting Your Ecommerce Store

It’s an online store’s worst nightmare: a haunted website. Petrified with low traffic and conversion rates, phantom products lingering around the warehouse, and an ever-growing abandoned cart graveyard. But don’t be scared, every frightful website problem can be solved. Here are the top five things haunting your website and how to get rid of them!… Read more

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10 Best Practices For Better Subject Lines

Ask yourself: when was the last time you opened an email with the subject line “URGENT!!!” or SOMETHING IN ALL CAPS? The answer is probably never or at least a long, long time. Over the years of sleazy spam hitting our inboxes, the general public has come to a collective consensus on what they should… Read more

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When is The Best Time to Send Abandoned Cart Emails?

About 67% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes the sale–that represents a significant amount of potential revenue that’s just one click away from being completed (and boosting your bottom line). Statistically, 75% of new store visitors who abandon carts will return within 28-days, while 53% of returning visitors will not. Abandoned… Read more