Create an Inclusive, Unified Brand

It had been decades since EdCC's last rebrand. Their identity was outdated, student pride was low, and each department had created their own in-house logo (with flagrant abuse of clip art). After executing multiple stakeholder surveys and focus groups, we presented a modern brand identity that better reflects the college’s inclusive culture, innovation, and diverse community. The finished product included a comprehensive brand guide, athletic logo, college logo, and mascot.


Boost Awareness with Modern Branding

While SBCTC played a vital role in Washington's higher education community, their brand and mission awareness were low. To help increase service awareness and show the organization's value to students, workers, and legislatures, we created a modern brand identity that puts the focus on who they serve, while paying homage to their past logo. We revamped their entire identity suite and provided a launch plan and calendar, to ensure a streamlined rollout process.


Get Modern, Accessible Website Consulting

We worked one-on-one with EWU's internal marketing team, coaching them on design best practices, accessible development, and streamlined project management. After spending several days on campus, interviewing their team and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, we offered personalized training sessions and recommendations that walked them through everything, from redlines, to UX, to coding an accessible site.


“Your entire team has been helpful beyond expectations in helping us create a new brand. We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the project. We love that we now have an identity and that it is memorable, simple, and appropriate for our brand. The campus and community are embracing our new logos with open arms."

Marisa Pierce,
EdCC’s Director of Marketing and Public Information

Our Happy Clients


Are Homepage Sliders Hurting Your Website?

Ah, yes . . . the age-old question: should you or should you not use a homepage slider? While sliders (or “carousels”) are commonplace around the Internet their effectiveness is highly questionable. In this article, we’ll shed more light on the debate over whether or not to use a homepage slider on your store’s website.

How to Create a Viral Marketing Campaign

In the late summer of 2016, an interesting phenomenon was observed in Whatcom County, WA. People, with books balanced on their heads, performed feats ranging from archery, to flying a plane, to Tai Chi. They recorded videos of themselves and shared them online, challenging others to do the same. Others watched the videos, smiled, laughed, shared, and made videos of their own. Some of them even signed up for library cards.

4 Quick and Easy Ways to Write Copy that Converts

Most of us, at some point or another, have taken an English class. But just because you can locate a dangling modifier (which is, actually, pretty impressive), doesn’t mean you know how to be a marketing copywriter. In fact, no matter how awesome your grammar is or how wide your vocabulary, one terrifying truth remains . . .

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